Hamer Drone Program

Prepared To Act – Ready To Lead

  • We will risk a lot, in a calculated manner, to save savable lives
  • We will risk a little for savable property
  • We will risk nothing for whatever is already lost

It shall be the mission of Eastside Fire Corps volunteer personnel who are trained in the use of sUAS aircraft and systems, to use this resource to protect lives and property of the citizens within the jurisdiction of Eastside Fire & Rescue as well provide mutual aid to other King County Zone One partner agencies and/or others as requested and approved.

Operation will always be conducted in a constitutionally and legally sound manner and in compliance with Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regulations. The sUAS will be utilized to protect/save life and property, as well as being able to detect possible dangers that could not otherwise be seen.

The sUAS will support first responders in the following primary operations:

  • Trail, still/swift water and technical rescue operations
  • Provide an airborne platform for monitoring fire/wildland operations
  • Provide operational and situational awareness to support Command Staff
  • Aid with disaster assessment and recovery operations
  • Support of HAZMAT and other specialty operations

The sUAS will support on a secondary basis:

  • Training missions for sUAS program pilots, observers and gimbal operators
  • Provide an aerial platform to assist in managing Fire Agency training
  • Public education and demonstrations