Ham Radio

Photo: COM-181 operates at the City of Sammamish 4th of July Celebration (2022-07-04)

Weekly Net: Eastside Fire & Rescue Amateur Radio Club – W7EFR

Schedule: Sundays, 19:00 local time. (Except major holidays, see below.)
Frequencies: 440.250MHz (primary), 147.100MHZ (alternate), PL 123.0Hz
RMS Express check-ins: [email protected], please copy [email protected], [email protected] (Message Viewer)

Active Winlink / RMS Express nodes: (As of 2022-02-22)

  •     W7EFR-2  145.69 Station 82, Redmond
  •     W7EFR-4 144.95 Valley Camp, North Bend
  •     W7EFR-11 144.95 Eastside Fire and Rescue headquarters, Issaquah
  •     W7EFR-12 145.63 Sammamish Plateau Water Tower, Sammamish
  •     W7EFR-14 145.63 Station 73, Issaquah Highlands

Visitors are welcome: When visitor check-ins are asked by net control, please provide:

  • Your call sign, phonetically
  • Your name
  • Your location and agency represented, if applicable
  • Have you checked in via Winlink?
  • Whether you have traffic

No Net on three-day holiday weekends (e.g., Christmas, New Years, Thanksgiving, Memorial Day and Labor Day)

Files: Net Control Script and (login required) Excel Log

For more information or other questions, contact John Parry.